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About Nico Singers (also known as cover artists/Doujin artists): Nico Singers are cover artists on nico nico douga. Most are not professionals but, they do have Cds with their music in, which they can sell at Cons (japanese cons). Nico Singers List: (i can't name all of them because there are to many, but i can name popular ones! v=DSLw2jo CDa U Gender: Male Groups/Pro Name/Collabs: Usa Colony, Minato, 憂辛 (Usa&Tolie) Blog (japanese): Wiki (japanese): Mylist (japanese): Voice: Tourai has a hot and deep voice~ Vocaloid Voice Match: Kaito, Gakupo, Len Song Examples: From Y to Y

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Jiguru Source: here Info: The last line is Choucho's Title: Juvenile Original title: ジュブナイルUtaite: Tolie & usa Source: here (community only) and here Title: Mean Force Urotander Original title:「卑怯戦隊うろたんだー」Utaite: Tolie ft. Pumpkin Utaite: usa Chorus: Tolie Source: here Title:「Smiling」Utaite: Tolie, that, clear, mitani, yonji, Valshe, perfumen, puriko, Hiradon, ill.bell, kurimuzon, honkon, halyosy, Dasoku, jikkoku nana, nittomegane, che:sakurai, hitosato, ten, Ritsuka, rapbit. Source: here Title: Under the Darkness Utaite: Tolie Source: as part of Asamack's Under the Darkness matsuri Just making order among my files...

since Tolie is not active anymore (´・ω・`) I tried to find as many of his covers as there are. And some of them are unfortunately unreachable and just exist as Asamack background music. Sources are official ones, the ones labeled as "community only" requires being member of Tolie's community.

All n/a (not available) aren't officially uploaded anywhere. Tolie is starting his career as a pro singer, but I won't add here his new CDs songs, because (I hope) it will turn out messy after some time.

I want to keep this post clear as list of pre-official Tolie's songs list :) So it's a bit of archival list unless he will decide to cover some vocaloid songs or go on karaoke.

There isn't really a set plot but more of just things that happen.

The Seasonal Alliance is a secret organization that controls the flow of the four seasons and work to keep the world in balance. The threat of an eternal winter throws the seasons into turmoil as they try to get back the warmth of spring, but surprisingly, this chaos might just be what everyone needs to learn a little more about themselves. "I would like, if I may, to take you on a strange journey..."Things go rapidly downhill for straight-laced lovebirds Len and Miku when car troubles force them to pay a visit to the bizarre residence of Dr.Oh, but if i forget one or if someone really want's him/her on the Description, please don't hold back on telling : D) Gender: Female Groups/Pro Name/Colabs: Usa Colony, KANAN, 憂病(Usa&Yamai) Blog (japanese): Wiki page (japanese): (japanese): Voice: Yamai has a strong husy voice. v=hofku-hoz I0 Gender: Female Groups/Pro Name/Collabs: Usa Colony, Hana, 憂病(Usa&Yamai), 憂辛 (Usa&Tolie) Blog (japanese): Wiki (japanese): looking Mylist (japanese): Voice: Usa has a sweet voice (like cake and candy :3) Vocaloid Voice Match: Miku, Luka, Rin Song Examples: Last Night, Good Night Vocaloid voice match: Meiko, Luka, and Len Some Examples: Just be Friends ~ Piano ver.~ I’m a bit of a tomboy, but that doesn’t diminish my value! While only a very few students easily break away from her harsh views of life, the rest of their classmates slowly fall under her rules, and those few try to save them as much as they can. Despite that drastic difference in height, I’m the older twin by five minutes. Last year of Junior High, and 24 students are placed together as a class under the ruling of Mayu, a strict teacher who enforces her rules as coldly as she can. v=dv SYR2R6v Iw Gender: Male Groups/Pro Name/Collabs: Sekihan x Piko Blog (japanese): Wiki (japanese): (japanese): Voice: various male and female tunes Vocaloid Voice Match: ...