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An intersex murderer plot twist trope has been repeated in the TV programs Nip/Tuck (Quentin Costa), Passions (Vincent Clarkson) and Janet King.A woman who says she is romantically involved with Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps has made an astonishing series of claims.Taylor Lianne Chandler alleges she and Phelps met via the app Tinder and had sex on their first date in September.

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By the time I could walk and talk I made it clear I was a girl and dressed as one.My birth certificate was modified along with my name while I was a teenager, prior to any corrective surgery." But she added: "I was never a man, never lived as a man.Some people with such variations describe themselves as intersex, some do not.They can include differences in primary sex characteristics, such as internal and external genitalia, reproductive systems, hormone levels and sex chromosomes.Morgan Holmes, Canadian sociologist and a former activist with the (now defunct) Intersex Society of North America comments on constructions of intersex people as monsters, or ciphers for discussions about sex and gender.

Holmes describes her weariness "of writers who had contacted me for a number of years during my intersex-activist days, trying to determine if their proposed ‘hermaphrodites’ could do things like impregnate or have sex with themselves", and how depictions of intersex people are "stalled", reifying "the proper place of traditional visions and modes of masculinity in opposition to femininity" or "beyond and outside the realm of gender altogether"; the character of Annabel/Wayne, in the Canadian novel Annabel by Kathleen Winter, provides an example of monstrous auto-impregnation.

No one can say they knew me as a man or produce a photo of me as a man.

"There are people that remember me as an androgynous child at times because of what was forced upon me." The 41-year-old blonde beauty, who claims to have dated a number of other celebrities, eventually underwent corrective surgery to get rid of her male genitalia.

She posted: The truth is I have been living with secrets my whole life.

I was born intersex and named David Roy Fitch at birth.

Such practices can constitute gross violations of their human rights.