Updating emule server list

If you are absolutely sure that none of the servers you have in your server list is a fake server, you may keep that list. a Mule's default configuration proposes as it is a very well known and verified list of valid servers. You can use too the servers list by using this url to get information about online e Donkey servers) To add that list to your a Mule, just put it on the Networks - e D2k top text bar and click the "blue play button" that bar (see this article for more details).

This option is stored in web_infos = [ ("guarding.p2p", 96, " ("server.met", 0, " ("contact.dat", 168, " ("geoip.dat", 0, " Lite Country/Geo gz"); ("nodes.gzip", 0, " ("hublist", 0, " ] urladd, urlremove, update_server_list, servers, ov_web, kad_web 1) Despite the fact that I have "guarding.p2p", "servers.met", "geoip.dat", etc.

set up for fetching, I didn't notice it really being fetched.

Most ed2k users know that the network is plenty of bogus servers which throw useless (but harmful) data to clients in order to corrupt their downloads.

Also, many users set up a Mule to automatically add servers into its list under some circumstances, since the wrong belief that "the more servers in the list, the better" is very extended.

I recommend that if you are New to e Mule you read this entire guide. Without these servers the Network would be useless and even one of these big servers falling could be fatal to the Network. Anybody who has downloaded a full part of a file is known as a source. This Part system means that big files can be spread easily around the Network.

I would also suggest any parts that are hard to understand, you read them twice just to make sure you get it. We will read later how you can use this to your advantage to achieve higher download speeds.

Sadly, fake servers are very popular, which makes a big chance you get unwillingly connected to one of them if they, for any reason, get to your server list.

This article pretends to guide on how to avoid this.

Now you will have a list of valid non-fake servers.

If you want to be up to date with the servers, in Preferences - Server, enable the option "Autoupdate serverlist at startup", then click the "list" button and add the url you used above.

As I stated earlier, the e D2K Network began with e Donkey2000. The Network is run by many different servers, not just one like a lot of other P2P networks.