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My husband, mother, sister and I we're amazed at how fabulous she was during delivery and since.She has been a doula for 25 years, with 1050 births under her belt.Vancouver Singles Events, Vancouver Singles Parties, Vancouver Speed Dating.Speed Dating, Dating, Singles Events for Singles in North America. Hi I was just letting you know that my fiance met in 2008 speed-dating at the Eatery.Vancouver Speed Dating - Single Vancouver: Vancouver Singles.

Single Vancouver: The complete singles and dating guide for Vancouver, British Columbia.

I then went with the same midwife this time even though she had moved clinics. No need to be rude to people trying to help you out and start conversation.

I chose Jacquie Munroe -- and I couldn't have made a better decision!

I am visualizing not wanting DH to touch me (I'm particular when not feeling great) and the thought of having someone know exactly how to hold my back to make the contraction pains subside sounds amazing.

Also thinking to have someone to keep DH calm and fetch him a sandwich (I won't let him leave me)... Some midwives don't seem mum focused because you are doing great or baby needs focus.

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