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And as time goes on I will be letting you know classy & cool hang out spots in your neighborhood in other Cool Cities in Nigeria [not just in Lagos State] where you can catch some fun after work, during weekends or holidays.

So here it is…my Top 10 Coolest Places To Hang Out in Lagos Mainland starting with my favorite #1 spot in mainland – La Mango…Enjoy!

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We love to explore and experience different things – places, people, and lifestyles.

Personally, I love to hang out in cool places, either for business or for relaxation and I also love indulging in fine cuisine.

The smaller sections of some creeks have been sand filled and built over.central business district.

This district is characterised by high-rise buildings.

08164345905.• Okwy, 29, single mother of two, works in Delta, needs a man of 35-45 years for marriage.

2348128975330.• Sola, 37, 5.6ft, teacher in Lagos, from Ogun, needs a man of 38-45 years for marriage.

In fact, there were claims that up until a year ago, not a single person in Nigeria was in jail for such crimes.

That's starting to change, with new reports saying that about 500 people have been arrested with another 500 under investigation.

Following its early settlement by the Awori nobility, and its conquest by the Bini warlords of Benin, the state first came to the attention of the Portuguese in the 15th establishing British control over palm and other trades.

The remainder of modern-day Nigeria was seized in 1887, and when the Colony and Protectorate of Nigeria was established in 1914, Lagos was declared its capital, continuing as such after the country’s independence from Britain in 1960.

Some are in their twenties, thirties and others are hitting on forties and beyond.