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However, please note that FCF does not have a crisis/emergency team established to assist with personal emergencies.

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Very often, clear thinking and good planning are hampered by the crisis at hand; therefore, a pre-understanding of preventative and procedural points is vital for the overall well being of FCF personnel and family members.

In line with FCF requirements, this document will be updated annually (May 1), reissued and re-read by all parties involved.

Tim Dunham [email protected] Nate Ullrich [email protected]: 053-131-248 Fax: 053-131249 178/453 Worldclubland Moo7 T. Hangdong Chiangmai 50230 Personal information that may be needed in an emergency is stored in the FCF database.

Contact FCF Human Resources ([email protected]) if this information is needed.

This will save you the trouble of guessing at the airport.

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