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Hong will play “Grandpa Chen,” Reynolds’ avatar, the form humans see when Reynolds’ character goes about his business.

Marisa Miller just joined the cast as Bridges’ avatar.

As he gains a new perspective on life and what motivates women, Grace contemplates her own needs and whether her marriage is worth saving.

The project, from UCP, follows investment banker Neil Truman (Passmore) and his wife, Grace (Szostak), as they struggle to sift through their stagnant marriage, looking for the spark they once had.

When Neil discovers that Grace has been seeing a debonaire male escort (Redford) his entire world is turned upside down.

Stephaine father was running their family business and her mother was working in departmental stores.

During the phase she worked in the place of marketing and side by side she also took acting classes as according to her interest.

The active years of Stephaine Szostak started from the year 2003 and till today she is active with giving her best performances in the films. She joined to The College of William & Mary for her further education and similar to this she also worked with her involvement in Chanel in the very time.

Stephaine was a very intelligent girl during her childhood and her interest working into film industry was shaped out by his mother with whom she spent her most of the time because her family got divorce after some years of them getting married.The main thing working against this theory is that Marvel Studios seems to very careful in their superhero casting. At one point, it was rumored that Bethany Cabe would be part of Iron Man 2, so it’s not surprising that she would be showing up now.At the time that Iron Man 3 started filming, would Marvel Studios have really already made up their mind about who they wanted to play The Wasp in Avengers 2? We can’t really think of a reason that Stephanie Szostak’s character wouldn’t be Bethany Cabe, so it’s the most believable rumor out there.Wanda Maximoff – Another theory, which is not near as popular, is that Stephanie Szostak plays Wanda Maximoff, who becomes the Scarlett Witch. TV series, which would seem to indicate it would be unlikely for him to turn into the Vision in Avengers 2. Early on most claiming to be in the know were pointing the finger at Janet Van Dyne, which is the name we've most often heard.The main basis for this theory ties into Agent Coulson becoming the Vision. Abigail Brand – In the comic books, Abigail Brand is the commanding officer of S. However, the tide seems to be turning toward Bethany Cabe.Stéphanie Szostak (born June 12, 1975) is a French actress who started her career in the early 2000s.