Android email not updating

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I should note, that my gmail and yahoo accounts still work within the gmail client.

updated its Android email application less than a week ago, but users complained about the fact that notifications did not work on certain devices and that they were experiencing random crashes. has listened to what Android users had to say about their latest Mail app and delivered a new update that promises to fix most of the problems previously reported.

It’s unthinkable for someone with a Samsung Galaxy S5 who does not use his or her email.

From setting up a social network account to checking your bank account balance, having an email has almost become the norm.

If you're trying to get Internet access over Wi-Fi, look for a Wi-Fi icon instead.

This icon is a small dot with several lines above it to show signal strength.

Sending and receiving email on your smartphone is an enormous convenience, so if the email feature fails, it can be an equally significant inconvenience.

If your Android's email app just stops updating, you probably have a problem with your Internet access or your phone's settings.

For accounts such as,, etc., contact Microsoft support.

A work or school email account hosted by Office 365 for business.

I am trying to update Display name and email id of an existing contact, I am able to update email address, but display name not updating, the code I am using is here.