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However, some Wolf Lords have managed to see their thousandth year pass in service to the Emperor.

Ragnar Blackmane is one of the Chapter's current Wolf Lords and is in fact the youngest Astartes to have ascended to that exalted rank in the Chapter's history.

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The Chapter's Great Companies are led by the 12 current Wolf Lords, a number that includes the current Great Wolf, Logan Grimnar.The attrition rate for Wolf Lords is fairly significant because of the Chapter's preference for close combat.It had an intimidating appearance that was designed to inspire fear in any enemy.Rather than utilize gauntlets, stalker armor instead replaced the vast majority of the hands with prostheses, though some flesh remained, allowing the user to apply Force lightning in combat without fear of it backfiring.The prostheses featured a set of metal claws attached to the finger tips.

Despite their considerable length, they did not appear to cause any inconvenience on the part of the wearer, though this was likely just a result of practiced use.

The WFM strikes considered part of the Colorado labor wars include: Two scholars of American labor violence concluded, "There is no episode in American labor history in which violence was as systematically used by employers as in the Colorado labor war of 19." Colorado miners were divided into two groups: hard rock miners, and coal miners.

The Colorado labor wars took place at the precious metal mines and ore mills.

A nearly simultaneous strike in Colorado's northern and southern coal fields was also met with a military response by the Colorado National Guard.

Colorado's most significant battles between labor and capital occurred between miners and mine operators.

Historically, this type of armor was favored by vicious Sith assassins who were highly feared within the ranks of both the Sith and the Jedi.