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“We couldn’t just go from being the provocative brand to the boring brand,” Norcross said.

“We tried to take a self-aware approach and acknowledge the reputation they’ve had over the years.” CKE Restaurants, the California-based parent company of Carl’s and Hardee’s, was until earlier this month led by Andrew Puzder, President Trump’s original nominee to lead the Labor Department.

Their new message, according to a new commercial: “Food, not boobs.” Their newest ad, a 3-minute spot scheduled to air Sunday on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim, attempts to dial back the raunchiness. — played by “Nashville” actor Charles Esten — shows up to reclaim the company from his son, Carl Hardee Jr.

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And could that footage be automatically analyzed for anomalies, behaviors, and faces–sort of like Robo Cop?As it turned out, Taser teams back in Scottsdale, Arizona, and Seattle, Washington had already begun to tackle those questions.Jones tells the story of a fight at Rucker Park, in which Killa left Jones to defend himself against 20 or 30 heads.“There’s never been a time when I backed down from any situation in this world, except God,” Jones says while fighting back tears.It was a cool autumn evening in Paris in 2015, and a number of executives from the police supplier Taser International were enjoying dinner at a cafe when the shooting began.

They took cover, and in the havoc, soon learned that some 150 yards away, armed men were laying siege to the Bataclan concert hall—part of a series of attacks that would turn out to be the deadliest in France since World War II.“They got caught in the middle of everything,” says Taser’s cofounder and CEO, Rick Smith, who was in the outskirts of the city at the time and stayed up until the early hours to make sure his employees were safe.

Fresh off signing to Roc Nation, Jim Jones sits down with Funkmaster Flex for an emotional interview, in which the Diplomats rapper tears up talking about Cam’ron and says Max B can “die where he stand.” Around the mark of the clip, Jim Jones dives into his relationship with Cam’ron around the time Dipset was starting to blow up.

Jones says he knew Cam’ron was the most important member of the group, so the “We Fly High” MC protected him at all costs, making sure he was “untouchable.” However, it seems Cam’ron didn’t always have Jim Jones’ back.

The Minneapolis police officers who arrived at Justine Damond’s home shortly before she was shot and killed on Saturday did not have their body cameras on -- in violation of department policy -- and the American Civil Liberties Union wants to know why. requires any officer involved in using force to activate a body camera, The Minneapolis Star Tribune reported late Sunday, noting that, when activated, the body cameras feature a 30-second buffer -- which allows whatever occurred in the crucial 30 seconds before the camera was activated to still be recorded.

The ACLU has called for penalties against the officers for not starting their units.

Don Damond, Justine's fiance, said the family has been given almost no additional information about what happened after police arrived.